Bray St is a meeting of minds: creatives, communicators, designers, marketers and strategists.

We are an independent branding, creative and marketing strategy agency based in London but globally dispersed. Established in 2018, our team of experts offers a global, insights-led perspective that is propelled by innovation, to drive technology brands forward. Our expertise is built to scale and designed to drive results that add business value and build the technology brands of tomorrow.

We possess the industry know-how, expertise and experience to deliver everything from partner marketing and engagement, digital-first product launches connecting multiple software delivery channels, to the creation of SAAS brands from the ground up. See some of our work in action here.

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Led by Client Partner, Daniel Dagher, the Bray St team is a melting pot of different cultural backgrounds, spread across eight cities and seven time zones. Our team has worked with the biggest names in the technology industry including PlayStation, Salesforce and Sony.

We challenge the traditional agency model by giving our team members the power to choose on a brief, rather than the other way around. This offers our clients a bespoke team of talented and passionate professionals aligned with the right skills for every project. This mingling of thinkers, doers, movers and shakers – combined with a global perspective and a heritage rooted in technology brands – is what set us apart.


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Mexico City

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Office locations

London (GMT +0)

Soho Works White City
2 Television Centre
101 Wood Lane, W12 7FR

New York (GMT -5)

Soho Works Dumbo
55 Water Street, Floor 3
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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