Why We’ve Invested More Money in the ‘Deepest Global Recession in Decades.’

As the world dramatically grinded to a halt in 2020 and we were faced with the uncertainty of a world-wide lockdown, there was one thing I knew; I didn’t want Bray St. to leave lockdown in the same position as we had entered.

I started Bray St. two years ago when I decided to take the plunge, leave Australia and move to London. Bray St. from its inception has always been a cloud-based agency, meaning my team of copywriters, designers and web gurus are based all over the world across seven time zones.

When businesses and organisations were forced to work remotely, Bray St. had already been doing it for two years so adapting to this ‘new’ way of working and collaborating was not a problem for us. I sat my team down as I usually do on our regular group video calls and we explored how we could use this time together effectively.

“Investing money when the whole world is on fire is always going to be risky, but I couldn’t let us be in the same position as we were 7 months ago.”

The first decision, take your own advice

The first decision was to finally take on our own advice and walk Bray St. through a brand workshop to outline our future direction. The entire team, as well as key stakeholders, were part of the process, which ensured that our direction, vision and values were shared by client and employee alike.

A key outcome of our session was our shared values. This set the tone for the rest of the brand and gave us a foundation to build upon.

  • Equality (Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Sexual Orientation, Social background)
  • Opportunity (supporting young people, new parents, regionally located)
  • Sustainability (cloud-based means no paper!)
Why We’ve Invested More Money in the ‘Deepest Global Recession in Decades.’
Daniel Dagher, Founder and Client Partner of Bray St.

This workshop brought on the biggest challenge of all – spending more on the business than ever before.

Investing money when the whole world is on fire is always going to be risky, but I couldn’t let us be in the same position as we were seven months ago.

I wanted to demonstrate to our loyal clients that we used this time effectively, that we elevated ourselves and worked (damn) hard to ensure that we would be even better once the world started to open again. I wanted to be able to hand over a complete, tried and tested operating manual to our clients to help them work successfully whilst working remotely based on our own experience over the last two years. Some of which include:

  • Regular communication (I talk to my team everyday about workflow and capabilities)
  • Ensure a balance between video and voice call
  • Effectively communicating an idea online (we’ve all been there when ideas are lost in translation over Zoom)
  • Not micromanaging (trust that your employees are working to the best of their abilities)
  • App integration and merging (Using apps such as Xero, Harvest and Slack can make communication and group working so much easier!)

My team and I have successfully built a business model for the next five years based on our insights of successfully operating a cloud-based agency.

We’ve built a new website, focusing our talent and skills on technology brands incorporating a strong content plan which we are starting to roll out.

And finally, we have clients who we absolutely love working with.


I’d call that successful, wouldn’t you?

Surviving and thriving in lockdown was hard work and caused many sleepless nights, but it was a team effort and I wouldn’t be here today without my incredible team of hard-working free thinkers.

Bray St. is always looking for new clients, so If you’re a technology company looking to find its feet in the ‘new normal’ then send me a note at  daniel@bray-st.co

If you become a Bray St. brand, we’re in it for the long run.

We partner with the brands we believe in, whatever your stage of growth. If we’ve found each other, then we share the same vision.

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