4 things you can expect from completing a mini-MBA in branding with Mark Ritson

The best marketers never stop learning, which is why earlier this year I completed a mini-MBA in brand with Mark Ritson and Marketing Week.

In an industry like ours which is forever evolving, if you’re not investing time in learning current trends then you’re not going to be able to keep up. Simple as that. Our technology-led world is in a rapid growth stage with the development of the metaverse and more businesses moving to digital-first strategies, branding and marketing must also evolve and grow with it.

Further learning isn’t for everyone. I am one of the few that enjoys the study environment, research and watching webinars, so this course was perfect for me. Here are my top 4 takeaways you can expect if you decide to complete one yourself.

1. Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking

From the very first session, I was hooked. Not just because the course is delivered engagingly but because of the terminology the course leaders were using. Something as simple as the way a process or asset is named to better help communicate to your team and client what it is you are trying to convey. Reducing time spent on calls and going back and forth via email.

2. Idea incubation and validation

As the course was digestible and relatable, I was able to quickly apply the theory to my own business and ideas. At each stage, the way the course is designed enabled me to validate and develop my own thinking further pushing creativity and innovation. It was also validating to hear that I had been doing the right things such as brand diagnosis, codification, and salience but doing it naturally rather than actively targeting these areas of thinking.

3. Flexible thinking

Whilst the course has an overall deadline, you’re able to complete the modules in your own time at your own pace. This meant I was able to find time to dedicate to the course whilst not impacting my own business.

I was also able to follow the sessions, read the supporting material and take part in Q&A sessions – without there being a compulsory exam at the end. This is unique to this Mini-MBA and enabled me to focus on what was going to benefit me and my clients. My goal wasn’t to pass an exam for the title, it was to enhance my knowledge and skills in an area I live and breathe. 

4. It was bloody brilliant

From beginning to end the course added value at every touch point and I have already recommended it to many of the team.

I realise not everyone has the privilege of completing a course such as this one, but it shouldn’t stop you from learning. There is an abundance of online resources to help you develop your own thinking and stay ahead of the curve.

Look out for my blog on Brand Codes, my favourite module of the course.

If you want to look into the course I did – check this link out.

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