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Once Bray St. implemented the For-Sight rebrand, they were tasked to create an engaging, immersive client experience for For-Sight as they attended International Travel Trade Show (the biggest travel trade expo in the world) and the Independent Hotel Show for the first time in 2019. It was vital to establish their presence to stand out among the other leading international technology brands.


Bray St.’s design team developed the trade show stand design, which incorporated For-Sight’s new, bold colours and statement iconography. The stand design elements included brochures, promotional material, display screen content, social media posts and the physical stand including the walls, desk placement and screens, for a fully immersive customer experience.

We were also brought on to lead the strategy behind the stand design, which involved creating a visual story of the brand to celebrate landmark achievements with dynamic screen content and slick promotional material.


The trade shows launched the refreshed brand with true For-Sight personality and flare. Both events generated solid leads, new network connections and positive brand awareness. These resulted in a significant 140% increase in lead volumes YoY, where total leads increased from 50 in Q4 of 2018 to 120 for the same period in 2019.

Client Quote:

After the success of the rebrand with Bray St. in early 2019, we accelerated our product development and UI work to create a consistent experience. As a direct result of this work, we exhibited for the first time at two of the largest industry events. It was critical that our exhibition stand allowed us to both stand out and delivered the required experience for visitors to fully engage with our product. The shows were a resounding success, and the feedback from both industry partners and our target market was overwhelmingly positive – we definitely made an impression!

I absolutely accredit much of the success we experienced throughout Q4 2019 and into 2020 to this exposure and the work with our partners at Bray St.

Jamie McBride, Head of Marketing

Established For-Sight as a leader in hospitality CRM at two global trade shows
Highlighted achievements through brand storytelling, rolled out across stand design and accompanying digital assets
Drove lead volumes by 140% YOY by leading and developing a fully immersive trade show experience to engage For-Sight’s client base.
Drove lead volumes by 140% YOY by leading and developing a fully immersive trade show experience to engage For-Sight’s client base.
Learn more about this project
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